Builders’ Clearance

Builders’ ClearanceThe company also specializes in the removal of builders’ debris and construction leftovers. We understand that a house improvement project or a new building site is quite important and requires your undivided attention so we have taken the hassle of removing and disposing the waste off your hands so you can concentrate on the really important things at hand. Our fleet of vehicles is capable of loading and removing most types and volumes of builder’s rubbish.

We are fully aware and informed of the latest local and national waste disposal regulations. All building debris is disposed of accordingly and legally – dangerous materials and substances are handed over to the respective depots or recycling plants. We guarantee that you will not carry any liability for the debris disposal. No job is too small or too big for us.

If the task at hand requires some extra labor then we will provide you with a team of technicians, fully qualified and skilled for the job. We are quite flexible with business hours so we can come to you at your own convenience; we cover all metro areas and most of the outskirts too. The builder’s removal service is reasonably priced. The way we form our charges reflects the actual amount of work done or waste disposed of so you don’t pay any hidden fees or surcharges. Keeping the game fair is one of our permanent company policies. We provide the free quotation option for this service, naturally. If there’s an awkward or dangerous load to be taken, we will come out to you for a viewing.

Our customer service staff is friendly and well trained, they will understand your exact needs thus keeping the service you receive individual suited to your particular situation. In case you’re ready to make a booking for this service hop online and complete the online service form and we will contact you back in no time to confirm and dispatch our crew and vehicle. Keeping up with current requirements, we can offer you a waste transfer notice stating where and how waste was disposed of.