Office Clearance

Office ClearanceMany businesses and establishments have turned to us for their business and work related waste removal and disposal. We offer office clearance and our staff are fully qualified and experienced to provide the service. We operate a fleet of different vehicles so we can load and dispose of pretty much any size load as long as the trucks can handle it. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out such service so you’ve got peace of mind.

The company does commercial jobs like retail establishments, service stations, storage facilities etc. We will come out to you as we cover the entire city area, we will do so in the shortest time possible in order to save your business time and money – as professionals we value these just as much as you and your business does. Contact us for a free quote as this is an option we have for all our types of services.

You will only be charged for what’s actually taken away – we do keep it fair. Keep in mind that government and council regulations require some businesses to dispose of certain items or materials on set periods of time – we can do this for you timely, this way your business can be due for tax deductions or business refunds for instance – great news for you.

If your line of work doesn’t allow for collection during the day we are quite flexible with our working hours so we can visit you at your own convenience or provide you with a wait and load truck service. We dispose of unwanted materials, manufacturing items and industrial goods according to state and council requirements as it’s illegal to throw some of these out, so you don’t have to worry about where the stuff is going and if it’s been disposed of properly – we do it all by the book.