House Clearance

House ClearanceAnother service we specialize in is house or domestic clearance. Makes no difference if you’re doing a spring clean up or you have done a recent renovation, we can haul all the unwanted leftovers and items away from your beautiful home. We cover all areas and some of the outskirts too. We can rid you of anything from building debris to old toasters so you’re bound to find the right service with us.

Our people will do all the work for you – no need to even take items out to the lawn or curb. If the items are big and heavy or awkward to lug around, we can visit you for an initial viewing in order to quote you correctly. We will come out to you regardless of the job even if it’s one item or a whole room you want disposed of. The company is also licensed to collect and dispose of specific electric goods like rechargeable battery operated appliances or appliances containing special alloys and metals like microwaves or older model refrigerators and unwanted air conditioner units both internal and external ones.

We work in close relation with recycling depots and plants so that we can recycle and reuse as much as possible of the waste we come across. We do not chuck out harmful or toxic itemsleane and substances contained in such items; these are taken to specialized sorting stations for further dismantling and processing. The rest of the stuff which is non toxic, non harmful house junk is taken out to landfills. Items that are in descent condition will be offered to charitable organizations and to the very needing so you’re doing a good deed at the same time and it does matter to us as a company too. We can also organize a move in – move out clearance and rid you of the stuff leftover from previous occupants or dispose of unwanted items before you go. Our specialists can also assist you with arranging items and furniture around the house after the clean up – a complete end to end service and an affordable price.